Why Have a Master Key System

Why Have a Master Key System

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Security is one of the most important concerns a businessman should consider. No matter how big or small the business is, there are aspects of it that need to be secured. This includes limiting access of people within the office or building where the business is located. Doing this will ensure that business properties and documents are secure since only those who have access are the ones who are responsible for them. This kind of security can be achieved with master key systems.Why Have a Master Key System

A master key system means that the business owner can control the access of people in a room by having a number of doors opening only with the use of one key. All a business owner has to do is delegate a responsible person as a key keeper. This excellent system is great your business has a number of employees. Here are some of the benefits, and definitely the reasons why you would go for a master key system.

Grand master key

While the system works by having some keys open a number of doors, you, as the business owner will have possession of a grand master key which opens all the doors. This will give you not only complete access but also the ease in monitoring and checking up each room. Experts from Locksmith Dartford say that the best thing about it is the convenience of using only one key to do all those.

Few keys as possible

The security of your business can be achieved with relative ease because you will only be using as few keys as possible. Having one key for one door can be confusing at times. That is because it is an inconvenience to be carrying a bunch of keys all the time. Imagine walking around with a bunch of keys dangling on your belt or stuffed in your bag. It’s heavy isn’t it?

Simplified organization

When you have one key for a number of doors, it will be very easy for you to organize. You can also control the number of persons who has the key. Since there are only a few keys around, you can easily pinpoint the person responsible should access to doors are made at a given point in time.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of the master key system is that if the master key is lost, the one who finds it can have access to a number of doors and that is a threat. It is therefore very important to choose only very responsible persons to handle the key. In case it’s lost, having another key made so that the old one would not work anymore would be the best solution.

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