How to Rekey Door Locks

How to Rekey Door Locks

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All lock and key issues have their own solutions. When there is something wrong with the mechanism, there is need for lock repair. When the locks are old, it's better to have them replaced. If the key is damaged, it should be replaced. But when keys are stolen, having a new one is of the essence. In a different case, the person who has stolen your keys in the first place could easily walk into your house like a true gentleman. Though when keys change, the deadlocks must be changed too. Each key is made to fit in a certain lock. Each one is unique in terms of its configuration. The pins of the cylinder would have a different structure and will match the serrated part of the key. When there is need to have a new key, you actually need lock rekey.How to Rekey Door Locks

It will also be necessary when you move into a new house. Even if you are the very first tenant of a brand new home, rekeying the door locks is of the essence. If the house keys are distributed to various realtors or even worse if they have been used by many tenants before you, you will never be sure whether some of these people have kept a duplicate and you cannot know their intentions. Rekeying the locks of a new home is often done as a precaution in order to eliminate the possibility of burglaries with the use of the original key. It's also a great way to get yourself a new set of keys, if the bolts are old and you cannot afford lock change. 

Lock rekeying step by step 

Rekeying locks demands basic knowledge of how locks work. There are slight differentiations among types and certainly among brands and that's why the assistance of Locksmith Dartford will be invaluable. So, let's take a look of how locks are rekeyed so that you can understand what exactly happens when this service takes place. 

In order for the new key to be inserted and turn right, some parts of the existing lock must be replaced. Since the serrated section of the key must be a perfect match to the pins of the tumbler, the pins are replaced. The first steps of lock rekeying include the removal of the door knob and of the cylinder. The intention is to remove the cylinder plug and for that you will need to use the old key and turn it either on the left or right to pull the cylinder plug. It requires great attention so that the pins and springs found on the top of the cylinder won't pop. The even hardest part is matching the new pins to the colour coded plugs. The old pins must be removed and the new ones must be inserted correctly depending on their colour. Once this is done, you are all set to re-install the security lock. You must give the same attention, make sure the bolt comes out properly and try out your new key.  

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