How to Choose the Right Lock for your Home

How to Choose the Right Lock for your Home

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When it comes to home security, taking the time to research on the best door lock for your home can ensure the safety of your family and property. Our professional locksmiths recommend evaluating the durability and reliability of any lock. Since they have the experience in doing such tasks, you can take advantage of their experience as well as expertise in choosing the right lock for your home.How to Choose the Right Lock for your Home

If you want to select a good lock for your home, you should research on your options. There are a lot of products that are commercially available. These are often graded according to the standards developed by society. The grades can range from one through grade three with one being the highest when it comes to material integrity and function.

Important features to consider while buying a lock

It is also important to look into the lock’s strike plates. This should include extra-long screw measuring three inches for added protection against force. However, if your locks do not have this feature, you can look at strengthening options for strike plates that are available in the local hardware stores. In addition, you should consider getting door jamb reinforcement kits. This can be retrofitted to the existing doorjamb for the purpose of reinforcing the key strike points, which are the strike, hinges, and door edge. These reinforcement plates are made of galvanized steel and they are installed using a 3.5 inch screw.

Another lock option would be spring latch locks or slip bolt locks. While they may provide minimal security, they are the easiest to install and the least expensive choice. This works by locking the knob on the door, preventing the release of the latch that fits into the frame of the door. Deadbolt locks are a finer choice. They work effectively by bolting the door into the door frame. This comes with three major parts, which are the key accessible cylinder, the bolt and the thumb turn. The cylinder is positioned outside the door while the bolt slides in and out of the jamb. The thumb turn, on the other hand, allows manual control of the bolt from the inside of the door.

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